Volunteers beware

  • the old, the bad and the ugly of volunteering organisations in Africa. Not only can you find organisations that don’t exploit animals for money, but you also can see which organisations hide behind the facade of ‘volunteering’ when in face they support and contribute to unethical practices

Volunteer 4 Africa

  • An online resource advertising volunteering positions all over Africa in a wide range of fields (not just conservation/wildlife!)

Wildlife Action Group Malawi

  • the NGO that I worked for in Malawi up in the Thuma mountains protecting forest elephants, stopping poaching and mitigating human-wildlife conflict

Lilongwe Wildlife Centre

  • Lilongwe Wildlife Centre is a sanctuary for rescued, abused and rehabilitated wildlife as well as an education centre and veterinary clinic. This is where I raised the three orphaned vervet monkeys, and they do amazing work to reduce educate about illegal wildlife trading. They have an excellent volunteering program.

Carnivore Research Malawi

  • Based in the Liwonde National Park, this was my most science and research-based placement. CRM tracks and monitors reintroduced urban hyena, investigates hyena diet composition via scat analysis, collects data on the park prey and antelope species, and is currently involved with the possibility of reintroducing predator species such as lion and cheetah to the park. Their volunteering program is restricted to people with a science background, and is discounted for people studying relevant degrees.

Cowspiracy Website

  • off the back of Leonardo Di Caprio’s viral documentary ‘Conspiracy’, this website presents all the facts, information, studies and resources about the current state of the planet and how to become more sustainable and responsible

Wildlife At Risk International

  • this Facebook page is excellent for current news and information on wildlife and controversial topics. A great source for educating yourself about responsible tourism, the state of conservation efforts, organisations to avoid or support, and political efforts.

The Animal Sanctuary

The first place I volunteered in New Zealand. The Animal Sanctuary is located in Matakana, and is a refuge for abused farm animals and rescued battery hens. My work here rehabilitating ex-battery hens is a pivotal moment in my life and really kick-started my career, and is what turned me vegan after seeing the suffering and abuse of these animals. Shawn and Mike are so passionate about animals and their welfare, and dedicate their whole lives to helping animals that are so often overlooked. They also rehabilitate native birds. For only a cup of coffee a month, you can directly support rescued animals.